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Louisville Reunions

Summit Living podcast are talks and conversation from Norman Grubb, David Heisler, Dee Dee Winter, Linda and John Bunting, Harriett Warren, Fred Pruitt and many others who found freedom as fathers, knowing Christ as their life, and seeing God only in everything. I was invited to this community, in 2006 and found freedom in learning that Christ lives in us, as us when I wanted to know and understand John 17, I am in you and you in me. The reunion ended meeting in person in 2011 but those who attended, are fathers, knowing him from the beginning and continuing to finish the work we have all been given to do, to set the captives free. Below are my selected highlights, but you can hear all our content via Spotify here.

David Heisler

Paul Anderson Walsh

Paul Anderson Walsh visited the Louisville Reunion in 2007 and sat down with Linda Bunting, Dee Dee Winter, Harriett Warren, Boyd Williams and Fred Pruitt.

Norman Grubb

Dan Stone & David Gregory

Excerpts below are from the book, The Rest of the Gospel: When the Partial Gospel has worn you out.

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