Tony & Shannon on our honeymoon October 2020

British photographer, obsessed with encouraging community, continous improvement (kaizen), using flowcharts, audio & video for clear communication, onboarding & training.

We’re based out of Prairie Village, Kansas but I moved to the states from England.

My fascination with photography started over forty years ago in England when my next door neighbor and wedding photographer Bryan Symonds offered to teach me how to take photos. Through his constant encouragement, I found I had an eye for good composition for landscape photos and portraits with blurred backgrounds.

Over the years I have always been the unofficial family photographer and a sort out resource offering to teach friends and family how to select and use their photography equipment.

Maden Luv Design

Two Makers met at a park. Sharing a love of photography, architecture, baking, 3D printing, laser cutting, and dreaming up new things; they joined together (in marriage & making) to form Maden Luv Design.

Designer earrings, 3D gifts, technology training, photography, video @madenluvdesign ❤️

Delivering digital literacy skills to the community at large, friends and family for 23 years; including keyboarding, internet search, Microsoft Office, social media, podcasting, phone photography/video, cloud storage, smart tv etc.

Thanks for joining us on our journey!

Going Back to our Roots

But what inspired the name Maden Luv Design, what does it mean?

Maden = Tony’s last name Maden is very common in Lancashire England and is also seen in southern ireland but sp[elt with two D’s, as in Madden. And over the years I used to see the little ‘Maden in’ sticker on die-cast metal toys in my youth, like ‘made in England’, so it is a play on words.

Luv = The British slang way of saying LOVE, as in “Alright luv

Design = Most of what we create is by design, with intention. And we, as in we humans that is are created in His image, created by design

So we like to think our brand stands for something deeper and more meaningful that other brands, namely that we as human beings, were created by design.

We believe we were created in the beginning by our loving Father, as told in the story in Genesis of Adam and Eve, so we were intentionally created to be together with our maker and be co-creators with him.

So, our brand is a play on words. We want to build our brand not just to share stories around our creative endeavors, but we live in community and want to model the behavior of a supportive encouraging community, of togetherness, helping one another be our best selves. That’s why our domain name is Maden Luv Design [dot] community.