An Amazing Week, B-29 visit

What a amazing week! So much traction at work and building our personal brand.

B-28 ‘Doc’ at CAF-HOA wing, New Century, KS

Made many new friends who want to learn to fly and take photos with drone. Namely, Steve Revare , CEO & Co-Founder of Tom’s Town. Steve already an avid photographer wants to learn drone photography.

So we are working with Drone Launch Academy for the Part 107 course for our community that helped me get through the test last April.

We will go flying together towards the end of April.

I wrapped up my 120 day review highlighting some opportunities for improvement in the onboarding experience at work.

I’m grateful to have received a tremendous amount of help of my coworker, Dan Lee, Quality Engineer who is helping me reduce the backlog of parts in receiving inspection.

After the visit of B-29 “Doc” to Commemorative Air Force-Heart of America Wing last weekend, I set the up our wing LinkedIn page.

Finally I rejoined ATD Kansas City so I could continue my professional development, leveraging my Gallup strengths to help all become their best selves!

This weeks photo is from the visit of B-29 “Doc” to the wing last weekend. What an amazing experience to touch and tour this vintage warbird made locally by Boeing in Wichita

#Fotofriday #fotografia

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