Golden Hour Storefront Shot

Inspired by the night shots I had seen from fellow British photographer Andy Mallins, I decided it was time to sell my DJI Mavic Air 2. This would be first time I’be trying the drone, which has a good reputation for low-light performance.

On Wednesday evening on my way home from work, I called my lady to check in on dinner arrangement. I let her know I had the sniffles an was coughing most of the afternoon. We agreed I should pick up yummy gyro’s from our favorite place, Humus and Pita on Sante Fe.

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When I arrived, they were busy have their ice maker repaired and everyone was busy, so I decided to return to my car and order via my phone. Knowing order prep takes about 20 minutes, I elected to try out my new DJI Mini 3 Pro. It wasn’t quite dark, definitely in golden hour.

I took off from the space between my car and the best, and was able to see what the camera saw on the super bight screen of the DJI controller. I kept the drone away from passing traffic, set back on from the shop frontages to looking East with store fronts of Hummus & Pita, Johnny’s Haircuts, Unique Finds, Essential Hair Design, Lorax Design Group and Mimi’s Prom.

I have not done any real editing to the shot, but used an AI feature in Adobe Lightroom after Google Photos combined the 3 image exposure bracketed shots. Its quite over saturated and I’ve gone a bit overboard to make a it pop a bit. I’m impressed with the low-light capability and look forward to being more adventurous when I get over the cold/flu I seemed to have acquired.

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